Information for groups
Thank you for planning your group outing with Bucks County River Country.  
Please take into consideration ALL information in this letter, as it is very 
important in ensuring you have a successful outing.

Please review the planning and scheduling of your trip.  We have 2, 3, and 4-hour tubing trips,
but please allow up to 90 minutes in addition to your actual float time.  This is the average time 
it takes to move a group, taking into consideration all before and after procedures.  Of course, 
that time may be less, but better safe than sorry, especially if you have to be back at a particular time. 
Rafting trips take 4 hours, canoeing trips take 2.5 hours, kayaking trips take 2.5 hours, 
plus the 90-minute processing time.

When you arrive at our facility, please have a representative come to our office to let us know you're here.  
The office will direct you to a group area.  You are then to have everyone gather in that group area, 
do a final head count, and bring payment, release forms and deposit to our group representative who 
will then inform your group of our policies and escort your group to the appropriate area.  
YOU are responsible for ensuring that your group is cooperative with the River Country staff.  
We require that your group be attentive to all staff and move in a single file line to get their 
equipment and life jackets, in addition to boarding the bus.  Your group must give their full 
attention at all times so they can be informed of further information to make their outing a success.

It is very important that the following information be provided to you and all individuals attending 
your scheduled reservation.  We insist that you give this orientation information at your facility 
BEFORE embarking on your trip to Bucks County River Country: Everyone must sign our release of liability form. 
A parent or legal guardian must sign for anyone under 18.
1. The Delaware is a RIVER, not a controlled pool.  The average water depth is 1 to 4 feet, 
    with a few deeper pools of 7 feet or more in depth and there will be small rapids and rocks.
2. There are no safety personnel on the river, nor are there any lifeguards.
3. All attendees should be able to swim and must wear their lifejackets at all times during their float.
4. Footwear (i.e. an old pair of sneakers, water shoes, or secured sandals) is highly recommended 
    because the riverbed is very rocky and slippery.  Sun block is also recommended.
5. If any group member gets out of their tube or boat at any time, they MUST hold on to it, 
   for the current or breeze can take it away.
6. Everyone must stay close to his or her counselor(s).  We recommend a minimum of 1 
    counselor for every 10 children.  Tubing is not recommended for camps with children under 
    the age of 10.  We recommend rafting with 1 counselor and 3-4 children per raft (4-hour trip only).
7. The counselor must be a strong water person and swimmer.  Each counselor must stay with his or 
    her group of children at all times.  
8. If tubing, advise your group that our tubes are equipped with two air chambers, so if one becomes flat, 
you will stay afloat.  They can also be refilled manually if a leak occurs.  DO NOT pull plugs!  It causes 
the tube to fill with water and sink.  You will then have to walk back the rest of your trip or ride with another tuber.
9. Since there are no lifeguards or safety personnel on the river, your group counselors are responsible 
and in charge of your group.
10. There is a map printed on our tubes or a print map is provided with boat activities.  
     The suggested route should be followed to stay in the time frame chosen and to avoid 
     any slow-moving water. 
11. All tubes, life jackets, and paddles must be returned to the proper location.  
     Please be advised that a charge will be assessed for any lost or damaged equipment.
12. Personal beverages are not permitted on any of our outings. You may purchase 
    your beverage at the Red Mushroom Café. Check with them for hours and rates.  
    You may use your own insulated jug or buy one.  Food is not permitted on tubing trips.  
    Canoers and rafters may bring a picnic lunch in a small playmate-sized cooler.  
    Please get any needed supplies at the Red Mushroom Café or River Supply Store 
    before informing us that you are ready to board the bus.
13. There are group food packages available at the Red  Mushroom Cafe. 
      This is available for 20 or more people.  Please call us if interested in 
      arranging this. 610-533-1552, or email us  groupfood inquiries .    
      Bucks County River Country has been in operation for 45 years.  
     We have not lost a child to date at our facility, and we'd like to maintain that safety record, 
     for any loss would be one too many.  Your support is crucial to its continuance.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation, 
The Management, Bucks County River Country

  • Earlybird Reservations
    Early Group reservations. Your group must be at least 20 people to qualify for the Early Bird pricing. Also your group must reserve and pay by April 30th 2019 to Qualify for the Earlybird price structure. OR GET ANOTHER DOLLAR OFF PER PERSON FOR THE SUPER-EARLYBIRD RESERVATION PRICE IF YOU RESERVE AND PAY BY MARCH 15TH 2019. Please review the "Form" below. You may download a PDF version of this form to print and return to us. A link to that PDF Version is Shown below. PLEASE CALL IF YOU NEED FURTHER INFO. 215.297.5000 or write to us at [email protected]
  • Group Food Specials
    Food Specials For Groups (over 20 people)
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