Liability Waivers

Safety at Bucks County River Country is our number one job.
As with any outdoor activity with water sports there is Risk involved. Since Bucks County River Country is FULLY insured at great cost to us, Insurance Companies and their underwriters for Outfitters such as River Country, continue to impose requirements such as Liability Release forms (to be filled out and signed) by potential customers before they participate in any activities offered by Water Sport Outfitters.

Please note; About clicking the link, the actual pdf form should open in your browser (depending on the way your browser handles pdf files), the form may download to your computer instead of opening in your browser.PleaseCLICK HERE to download the liability release form.
Download our Liability release form (in a printable PDF format) here.ERE A individual completed form for each and every participant is required. PLEASE BRING THE COMPLETED FORM WITH YOU TO SAVE TIME FILLING IT OUT WHEN YOU ARRIVE. If your group has children (persons under the age of 18), a form for each child must be filled out and signed by the children's parent or guardian.