Loon Kayak (6 mile)

Loon Kayak (6 mile)

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Our popular 6 mile Loon Kayak trip, theLoon is quick, manueverable, and like all Kayaks, the Sportster of boats.Slightly longer, and therefore more stable, the Loon is 100% FUN. Kayaking popularity has skyrocketed over the past 20 years and the Loon is time tested for fun. The Loon is 13 feet 8 inches long and has a weight limit of 300 pounds.PLEASE NOTE If this product happens to be on SALE, or if it happens to be a SPECIAL, You can NOT necessarily purchase it at River Country, SO, if you see an activity purchase it on-line now, or call to find out if it is available at our location. Thank you (215) 297-5000
                   KAYAK (2 Hour)                               9:00      –        4:00  PM

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