Snuggle Tube Weekday (price for 2 people)

Snuggle Tube Weekday (price for 2 people)

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Snuggle Tube, yep, just like it sounds, it's a great way to tube down the River, with a friend, a child, or your special significant other. The Snuggle Tube has already been rated a success by the lucky few that have had a chance to float in one. If you like company while you float, then the Snuggle tube is for you! PLEASE NOTE: Snuggle Tubes are 2 person minimum. The Price listed is for 2 people.
Your choice 2, or 3  hour Tubing. ( times based on normal river conditions ). 

PLEASE NOTE: 4 Hour Tubing is Currently NOT available, we are working to remedy that situation as soon as possible.

PLEASE NOTE If this product happens to be on SALE, or if it happens to be a SPECIAL, You can NOT necessarily purchase it at River Country, SO, if you see an activity purchase it on-line now, or call to find out if it is available at our location. Thank you (215) 297-5000
PLEASE NOTE: NOT valid Holidays.
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