Tohickon Creek Whitewater

Although at the time of this post (3:00 pm Thursday March 16) Our knowledge is that the Dam release is still scheduled for Saturday 3/18 and Sunday 3/19, there is the issue of Parking. Typically we permit Kayakers to park in our parking lot (as discussed in detail in the following text below)
UNFORTUNATELY,  Our parking lot has almost a foot of snow in it as a result of this late March snow storm that came through here on Tuesday.

The Lot is too large to plow therefore we probably will NOT be able to park Kayakers, OR have camping as result.
The best scenario would be for the Dam release to be postponed a couple of weeks, and many are attempting to do that currently, by contacting officials.
If things change we will post the changes here on this sight.
We contacted Harrisburg regarding the above situation and the are currently working on it. Please feel free to contact the officials yourself.
Hopefully it will be postponed. 


In fact the Release is scheduled for March 18th and March 19th. As usual River Country is permitting the use of the parking lot for the Kayakers.March 18th and 19th

Point Pleasant Fire Company will be running the parking concession at the take out again this year. ( Located about one half mile downstream of the new bridge, on to Bucks County River Country's Parking lot area). The parking fee will be $10 per day or, for convenience, you may purchase a two day pass for $20 and will not have to stop to make a payment on Sunday. If you are camping and leave the property after 9:00am, either Saturday or Sunday, you are expected to purchase a pass for that day, and that fee will be collected as you leave the property. Local paddlers, paddling club representatives, and the leadership of the Point Pleasant Fire Company have met to work through the parking issues of the last release. First and foremost, this communication is the product of those meetings. Please keep in mind that the parking fee is a fundraiser for the Point Pleasant Fire Company – an organization that serves the region with multiple services including river rescue.

Twice Per Year, water is released from the Nockamixon Dam for the purpose of providing white water boating within the Tohickon Creek. The Creek winds down from Lake Nokamixon through the majestic cliffs and narrow waterways throughout Ralph Stover park (also known as "High Rocks").

Bucks County River Country, has been providing a landing spot for the boaters when they have completed the ride. We are literally at the end of the Tohickon Creek where it empties into the Delaware river in Point Pleasant. River Country also provides parking and camping for the boaters, and also permit vendors that sell relevant items such as Gloves, hats, paddles, underwear and such. We charge a very modest fee for camping/parking here for the weekend, and a fee for vendors as well. The Dam release this year is March 18th and March 19th. Details on PRICE for parking and or Camping is listed above.

Many boaters have traveled many miles over the years to take part in this event. The event itself has been cancelled for the past few years because of a variety of reasons, the latest cancellation (Autumn of 2016) was due to a VERY low water reserve at the Dam.