Tohickon Creek Whitewater

WOW, It's ON! 
(So far)
Time for the Spring Nockamixon Damn release!!! 

 We have spoken with Lake Nockamixon authorities, and at this time The Release is scheduled for March 17th and March 18th. Please note this date is from the Park as of February 19, 2018.
Please further note this is subject to change as they might have technical difficulties or the weather might interfere.
As usual River Country is permitting the use of the parking lot and Camp area for Kayaker's  to "take-out" 3/17/2018 & 3/18/2018, 
park their cars, and as well as to camp over night if desired.

What's new??  There are a few new items to make your trip & stay here Better and Easier.

1. - Firewood bundles are available to purchase from the local deli in Point Pleasant
2. - FOOD TRUCKS! We will have Food Vendors On-site to provide you with Awesome Food Both Days. (Of course you can bring your own food too).

3. -  CHANGING ROOMS! For Getting out of your Kayaking Gear OR for Getting into it, we are providing rooms for just that. (Little bit nicer than changing out in the open...unless that's what you like).
4.  - As Before PORTA-POTTIES will be available to all.

Point Pleasant Fire Company will be running the parking concession at the take out again this year, and monies collected will go towards Our Point Pleasant Volunteer Fire Department, as well as maintenance costs for staging this event at River Country. ( Located about one half mile downstream of the new bridge, on to Bucks County River Country's Parking lot area). 

1. - The parking fee for the weekend that includes camping is $20.
2. - Parking for Saturday without camping is $10 (You must be out by Sunset, or pay the additional $10).
3. - Parking for Sunday without camping is $10 (You must be out by Sunset, or pay the additional $10).
NOTE: You may upgrade to camping by informing the members of the Fire Department BEFORE NIGHTFALL.

The $20 covers parking (and camping if you desire) for the entire event, beginning on Friday afternoon, through Sunday. You will be given a ticket to display on your dash board. The ticket will be required to re-enter the area.

The gates will be open on Friday November 3rd. You may camp the additional Friday night if you are an early bird and arrive before the Fire Department Staff. In the morning you will be asked by Fire Department Personnel to purchase the ticket.

Please display the ticket on your dash to re-enter the area.  Local paddlers, paddling club representatives, and the leadership of the Point Pleasant Fire Company have met to work through the parking issues of the last release. First and foremost, this communication is the product of those meetings. Please keep in mind that the parking fee is a fundraiser for the Point Pleasant Fire Company – an organization that serves the region with multiple services including river rescue.

Twice Per Year, water is released from the Nockamixon Dam for the purpose of providing white water boating within the Tohickon Creek. The Creek flows from Lake Nockamixon through the majestic cliffs and narrow waterways throughout Ralph Stover park (also known as "High Rocks").

Bucks County River Country, has been providing a landing spot for the boaters when they have completed the ride FOR DECADES. We are literally at the end of the Tohickon Creek where it empties into the Delaware river in Point Pleasant. River Country also provides parking and camping for the boaters, and also permit vendors that sell relevant items such as Gloves, hats, paddles, underwear and such.

Many boaters have traveled many miles over the years to take part in this event.